Samsung denies "Wake Up" campaign against Apple

Earlier this week, a ton of people were protesting in front of the Apple Store in Sydney, Australia. The assembled crowd held up signs that said "Wake up" and also chatted that same phrase over and over again. It was first reported that the flash mob of folks were in fact part of a clever viral marketing campaign set up by Samsung to help with the upcoming launch of the Galaxy S III smartphone.

Now Samsung is distancing itself from this marketing effort. SlashGear reports that according to a company representative, "Samsung Electronics Australia has nothing to do with the ‘Wake-Up Campaign."

So the big question is: If Samsung is not responsible for this effort, who is? Perhaps the flash mob was assembled to protest the conditions of workers who make Apple products, which has been in the news a lot in the past few months. It's also possible that this effort is for yet another rival smartphone maker like LG, Motorola or something else.

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