Samsung Galaxy S5 survives 1,000ft fall out of a plane

When we reviewed Samsung's Galaxy S5 three years ago, we put it through its paces with all the usual tests - and we even tried to drown it, to test its water-resistance. But one test we never thought to subject it to was dropping it from an airplane to see how it fared.

The Galaxy S5 might well have survived such a test, as a recent video shows. In the video, which you can see below, a Galaxy S5 is being used to record video out of a small, unpressurized aircraft, when it slips out of its owner's hands and tumbles around 1,000 feet to the ground.

Warning: this video contains repetitive, fast-moving imagery which may make it unsuitable for people who suffer with epilepsy.

It continued recording during its short tumble to the ground and, incredibly, didn't shatter into a million pieces upon impact. This is most likely because the device had a relatively soft landing in a garden - if it had struck concrete after its high-speed descent, it probably wouldn't have fared quite so well. It's also fortunate that it didn't hit a person, or cause damage to anyone's property - it came down remarkably close to a house, where the homeowner was tending to the garden.

The Galaxy S5 was eventually returned to its owner, Blake Henderson, whose nephew, Robert Ryan, was able to grab the video showing its freefall from the still-working handset and post it on YouTube. A happy ending, after what probably seemed like a pretty bad day for Henderson when his Galaxy S5 went for its impromptu skydive.

Source: Robert Ryan (YouTube) via SamMobile

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