Samsung Galaxy S6 will not have a full metal jacket after all, or removable battery

Shots leaked on the last day of 2014, supposedly showing an all metallic S6

Hot on the heels of another Galaxy S6 rumor posted just hours ago that claims a special edition of the new flagship could have a dual Edge feature, now we have learned that the new S6 will in fact not feature an all metal body design after all.

According to a report published on South Korean website Ddaily, the new S6 will not sport an all-metallic body, instead, it is said to come with a metal frame, like on the Galaxy Alpha and Galaxy Note 4, with a glass front and back panel. If you think this sounds familiar, you aren't wrong, as Apple had previously adopted this design with the iPhone 4 series before abandoning it when the iPhone 5 was launched, sans the rear glass back plate finish.

However, this was not the only thing that has come out of the report. Thanks to the glass back design, the battery in the Galaxy S6 is said to be non-removable, making it the first Galaxy flagship not to have a removable battery.

The report concludes that Samsung is looking to differentiate from the mid-range A-series models to combine a glass and metal body for their new flagship, with an Samsung official stating to Ddaily "Galaxy Galaxy S6 and S6 edge is not a full metal body," and (translated using Google) "the product front glass rear ended", which we can assume to mean a glass backplate.

Source: Ddaily via VR-Zone | Image via Toranji

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