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Samsung goes after iPhone 4S launch in Australia

With the official launch of Apple's iPhone 4S now less than two days away, one of its biggest rivals, Samsung, is making an interesting move to take some of the thunder away from the launch of Apple's next smartphone. The Sydney Morning Herald web site reports that Samsung has set up a temporary store only a few steps away from Apple's store in downtown Sydney. Samsung is using that storefront to offer some people a Samsung Galaxy S II smartphone for the low price of just $2.

As a result, the line to get a $2 Galaxy S II is currently much longer than the one to get an iPhone 4S. Samsung has already said it will shut down the storefront on Friday. But some people who received a Samsung Galaxy S II for the ultra-low price don't actually plan to use the phone. A brother and sister who got the phone have already admitted they plan to sell them so they can get the money needed to go on a trip to India. Some people who are waiting in line for the iPhone 4S have been approached to stand in line to get a Samsung phone but have refused.

Samsung has been fighting Apple in court in Australia for the past few months. Apple believes that Samsung has violated Apple's patents because of the design and user interface for Samsung's Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet. Apple has convinced a judge not to allow the sale of that tablet in Australia.

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