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Samsung to pay Apple another $290 million for patent infringement

A jury of eight members has come to a verdict in the retrial between Apple and Samsung. The conclusion: Samsung has to pay Apple $290 million for patent infringement.

Apple is probably happier with this number than Samsung is. During the trial, Apple's attorney made clear that it wanted $380 million while Samsung only felt it had to pay $52 million. The outcome of $290 million is far closer to what Apple wanted to take than what Samsung wanted to give. Both sides did manage to agree that Samsung sold 10.7 million infringing devices.

The retrial comes after last year's ruling that Samsung owed Apple a grand total of $1.05 billion, however the retrial was initiated when Judge Lucy Koh determined about $450 million of that needed to be reevaluated. Since Samsung has already been ordered to pay $598 million, adding in the new figure of $290 million brings Apple's monetary awards to $888 million.

This most likely will not be the last we hear about this feud between the two tech giants. The loser today will probably file for appeal, plus another trial is set to begin in 2014 with some newer devices in question for infringement. Unless Samsung is successful with an appeal, it just lost fairly close to $1 billion. That's no easy payment to make, even with these companies often throwing around millions of dollars like it's pocket change.

Source: AllThingsD | Gavel image via Shutterstock

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