Scammers capitalise on fans' dreams, offer fake 'Minecraft 2' for $7

Just a few months ago, the developers behind the ever-popular world-building sandbox reiterated what Minecraft watchers have known for quite some time: the pixellated juggernaut will not be getting a sequel anytime soon. As a recent scam shows, however, that information might have been missed by many fans.

Just a few days ago, a new app called Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 showed up on Apple's App Store, going for a hefty $7, for what is no more than an attempt to rip off customers using the popularity of the original. As Eurogamer reports, the mechanics of the game are nothing like the original and the code is so terribly optimised that it caused a crash just a few minutes into the game.

All that hasn't dissuaded fans, it seems, as the app quickly rose to the 4th-highest ranking in the Store, along with an excellent rating of 5 stars. Maybe it was the power of the Minecraft brand or maybe the fans just liked the gameplay but, either way, Minecraft Pocket Edition 2 - and its enviable 5 stars - will likely not be available for much longer as Mojang is 'extremely busy' working to get the game off the Store.

Source: Eurogamer via GameSpot

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