Scorpio speculation grows as hidden messages are spotted in Microsoft's Xbox E3 teasers

This weekend, Microsoft will host a briefing on its gaming plans at E3 2017, where it will officially unveil its new Project Scorpio console, which it originally announced a year ago. Ahead of the Xbox E3 Briefing, Microsoft has been posting teaser videos for the event, like this one:

However, fans such as @XboxIngame spotted that some of these teasers include cryptic messages, which some have interpreted as possible clues about the new consoles. For example, in one video, posted on Facebook, you can see '6>4' on top of a tent:

As Windows Central noted, this appears to be a reference to the superior performance of Scorpio; Microsoft has said that it will be the "most powerful console ever", with 6 teraflops of computing power, compared with just over 4 teraflops on Sony's PlayStation 4.

In another video on Facebook, a huge crowd is briefly shown. Intriguingly, if you look very closely, you'll see a further message displayed on a wall:

It reads "X10S101-317", and it's clearly more open to interpretation. There's already been a great deal of speculation about what it might mean, but some have suggested that the last six numbers - 101317 - could refer to the console's launch date, which would point to its release on October 13, 2017. That date falls on a Friday - the same day on which the original Xbox One launched in November 2013.

Of course, people could simply be reading a bit too much into these teasers, but it's still fun to speculate about these apparent 'clues' and references to the new console. With a few more days to go until Scorpio's unveiling, we may well see more of these teasers appearing, so be on the lookout for more hidden messages.

Source: @XboxIngame via Windows Central

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