Smoked by Windows Phone makes more appearances

Microsoft seems to have hit a gold mine, in terms of marketing, with its Smoked by Windows Phone campaign. It started as a simple CES 2012 stunt that went viral after Microsoft posted videos of Windows Phone devices beating other smartphones in speed challenges. More recently, Smoked by Windows Phone turned into an official online ad campaign and there are apparently plans to turn it into a TV commercial.

Microsoft is also seeing this effort expand overseas. In a new post on the Windows Phone site, Microsoft states that Indonesia launched their own version of Smoked by Windows Phone, as 50 team members challenged citizens in Jakarta to smartphone speed battles. You can see the results in the video above. Microsoft said that the final result was pretty respectable for Windows Phone; 640 wins and just 50 losses.

A number of Microsoft student partners in India also held Smoked by Windows Phone challenges in that country, giving out flash drives if the person with another smartphone managed to beat a Windows Phone device. In addition, Nokia held its own version, “Blown Away by Nokia Lumia", in a couple of Indian cities, Delhi and Pune. If the person with the rival smartphone won the challenge in India, Nokia gave them 1000 rupees.

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