Sony announces the PlayStation Portable 2

As reported by us last week, Sony's Tokyo event is currently underway with engadget live on the scene. And comes at no surprise that Sony has announced the PlayStation Portable 2 code name NGP, even though Sony has denied the existence of the device numerous times in the past. 

Sony says that the PlayStation Portable 2 is going to based upon 5 key concepts: Social Networking, Revolutionary User Interface, Social Connectivity, Location Based Entertainment & Converging Real and Virtual Reality.

The new PlayStation Portable is set to have a complete new redesign from the the current PlayStation Portable & PlayStation Portable Go models and will feature:

  • Quad-Core ARM Cortex 9 processor & Quad Core GPU!
  • 5inch OLED touch screen display with a resolution of 960x544, take note that current PSP only has a 480x272 resolution.
  • Dual analog sticks.
  • 3G & WIFI capabilities.
  • Front a rear cameras and will also feature the same gyroscope and accelerometer sensors currently that are in the PlayStation Move.
  • Electronic compass like the ones in the iOS family.
  • Games will come in a "new media", but not the current UMD media that the PlayStation Portable (excluding the Go) currently has.

Sony has shown off a live demo of the PlayStation Portable 2 and with a few of its games including Killzone, Resistance, Little Big Planet & Uncharted and will hit the stores by the end of the year!

Images source: Engadget

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