Sony Online Entertainment licenses Unreal 3 engine tech

In what has to be one of the biggest new stories to hit the online gaming scene in quite awhile, Sony Online Entertainment announced yesterday that they had licensed Epic's Unreal Engine 3 technology for future game projects on both the PC and next-generation consoles. Included is the highly anticipated DC Comics based game.
One can only assume future SOE MMORPG's will use UE3. Imagine Planetside 2 using this engine, or even Everquest III. Oh what joys we could have with those on our hard drives. This agreement also adds yet another huge name to the ever growing (and seemingly never ending) list of game developers and publishers who are now licensing the Unreal 3 engine for their games. With top notch graphics, and a plethora of easy to use creation tools, it's no wonder so many studios and companies are using the engine.

This could be a huge one guys, just imagine what Sony Online Entertainment can now create using this engine. Most of us have seen Huxley by now, so we know what the engine is capable of for a MMOFPS/RPG. Especially in the right hands, we could see absolutely amazing work.
What do you think?
Link: Sony Online
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