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Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent Interview

Computer And Video Games sat down with Splinter Cell 4: Double Agent

co-producer Julien Gerighty to get some new
information about the latest game in the series, which introduces new
gameplay elements and marks the console's leap to next-generation
consoles. Gerighty sheds some light on the story behind Sam Fisher's
incarceration, which opens the game.

We notice that Sam Fisher has been put in jail. How did he get in there?

Julien Gerighty:

Basically it's a time of
crisis in his life. Sam's daughter has just died, and Sam has ended up
depressed and empty and has been approached by his agency to become an
undercover operative. So he's given a background story, which is that
he's robbed a bank and killed some people. He's now in jail and teams
up with one of the terrorist inmates Jamie Washington, but his real
agenda is to infiltrate this criminal organisation, the John Brown
Army, and the story carries on from there.

A lot of good information is provided in this interview, and is a great read for fans of the series and casual gamers alike.

View: Interview @ Computer & Video Games

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