Spotify targets iTunes

Spotify is going to be taking on Apple's iTunes, the Swedish company has confirmed. The popular music streaming service intends to go further than merely streaming music: they're going to be providing integration with Apple's own line of iPods. The first step of the integration involves the 'classic' style iPods, such as the iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle. As iPod owners know, the main method of managing their device is through iTunes, where it appears in the program's sidebar. Spotify themselves claim that their software will allow management of these iPods. How far the term 'classic iPods' can be used is unknown though it could be assumed that all iPods made before iOS became the operating system running aboard them would work.

Spotify then went on to say that they were going to be starting a music-download service. They intend to sell the songs in bundles, for as 'little as 50p per song'. As if this wasn't enough, Spotify can also wirelessly sync MP3 playlists to Android and iPhone devices that have the Spotify Mobile apps installed. The downside to all of these features is that they're exclusive to Premium members of the service; that, and the US release of the program is still not known. The changes are guaranteed to make money for the company as they push users to invest in paid accounts with the service. Those who buy MP3s using Spotify are further bolstering the service's bottom line, which should prove pleasing for the company.

The new information was first shared by Spotify themselves, in an official blog post. On top of the blog post, a promotional video was produced. Entitled 'Spotify says hello to the iPod', it can be watched below.

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