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Star Citizen Alpha 3.12.0 is live with dynamic events, tractor beams, gas clouds, and more

The final major update of 2020 to Star Citizen is now available, with Cloud Imperium Games pushing forth the Alpha 3.12.0 build to the Live track today. Dubbed Assault on Stanton, the latest quarterly update carries server-wide dynamic events, planetary Improvements, a new ship, and a hand-held tractor beam, among its many features.

The new dynamic events system allows the developer to launch and manage server-wide missions where all players are tasked with a single goal, such as defending the Stanton system against AI spacecraft and capital ships. The studio plans to kick off the first dynamic event over the holidays, with more coming later.

Meanwhile, miners can now head to the new Refinery Decks locations situated in space stations to refine their own raw materials into more valuable resources before selling, further extending the mining gameplay loop.

The universe itself has received some upgrades too, with "higher-quality environments, increased topological variety, and new flora" being available in microTech, Hurston, and Daymar. There are also gas clouds spread across various points in Stanton space now as a new environment, both as points of interest and hiding spots for ships.

For more easily handling cargo, the new Multi-Tool Tractor Beam lets players move objects weighing up to 250kg. While in use in zero gravity, it can also function as a grappling hook for the player when attached to a large object like an asteroid, station, or ship. As no major update is complete without a new ship, Cloud Imperium Games has brought in the Esperia Talon, a Tevarin spaceship built for hit-and-run attacks.

Other additions of the update include weapon zeroing on compatible scopes, a new UI for all mining operations, a reputation system for NPCs, Tobii eye-tracking support, improved AI for deadlier combat encounters, and more. The Alpha 3.12.0 Assault on Stanton update is now available for all Star Citizen backers, and the complete patch notes can be found here.

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