Star Citizen free play event now live, offers five ships to fly until November 3

Cloud Imperium Games is back with another free fly event for Star Citizen, the crowd-funded space simulation behemoth that is currently in Alpha version 3.7.0. The promotion offers the entire universe of Star Citizen in its current state for anyone to explore without needing to buy a starter package.

Joining the event requires registering on the developer's website, entering the code "GETINTOTHEVERSE", and downloading the game through the RSI Launcher. This event will last for an entire week, slated to close its doors on November 3 at 6:59AM UTC.

In addition to the persistent universe, free players also gain access to the Arena Commander dogfighting and the Star Marine first-person shooter sections. Moreover, the developer is offering a free ship to all users to use as they please in the persistent universe for the duration of the promotion. They may use the Consolidated Outland Mustang, RSI Aurora, Banu Defender, Drake Cutlass Black, or Aegis Avenger Titan.

The studio recently pushed out the Alpha 3.7.0 major update, which added caves, first-person harvesting and mining for players, and new ships, among other features.

Interesting locations to visit and explore while engaging in missions currently include the ArcCorp mega-city planet, the city of Lorville on planet Hurston plus locations on its four moons, as well as the three moons of the gas giant Crusader. See here for a beginner guides straight from the developer.

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