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Star Control: Origins Fleet Battles Beta 2 goes live with new ships, weapons, and more

Stardock's upcoming space adventure title, Star Control: Origins, is still slated for launch later this year, but in the meantime, the studio has pushed out a massive update to the game's Fleet Battles beta, simply named Beta 2.

Beta 2 participants now have access to three new ships, the Greegrox Swarm, which is described as a "space jellyfish"; the Mu'Kay Grasper, an ink spewing squid-like ship; and the Lexite Interceptor, a more traditional fast-moving ship with powerful weapons and shields.

Five new weapon components have also been added, which include the Death Ray, Dual Shot, Ink Blog, Shield, and Heal.

Custom matches are also a new addition, where players can now create private lobbies for multiplayer antics using custom ships. This mode has three arena maps to choose from and arrives with options for adjusting the arena size, and maximum fleet size, as well as the amount of asteroids, ion storms, and wormholes present.

Beyond that, players can expect to see new pilot animations, high-resolution display support for the UI, performance improvements, along with further ship and weapon balances. Those who are interested in the full changelog can find it in the game's official forums here.

Just as the previous beta, the new Fleet Battles Beta 2 is available to anyone who pre-orders Star Control: Origins, which is available for direct purchase via the game's website and through Steam.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock.

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