Starbucks starts giving out iOS apps for free

Starbucks and Apple have had a long and solid relationship and this week that partnership was extended even further. reports that starting this week people who go to pick up their Venti sized coffee drinks can also get a card that will have a code to download an iOS app for free. There will be a new free app card offered every week at Starbucks. The first such free app is for the Shazam Encore music ID program that would normally cost $5.99 off the App Store.

Apple and Starbucks have previously offered iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and MacBook users a way to download free music tracks when they enter into a Starbucks store. Starbucks would not comment on if this new free iOS app program will take the place of the free music downloads or if it will simply be added to the song download program. Starbucks also offers its own free iOS app, myStarbucks, that allows its users to find their nearest Starbucks location, a food menu and learn more facts about the company.

Apple's partnership with Starbuck started in 2006 when the iTunes store added a Starbucks Entertainment section. That area contains music for sale that's similar to the songs heard in the background in Starbucks. In 2007, iPhone, iPod Touch and MacBook users were able to sign on to use the WiFi Internet connection at Starbucks stores without having to pay for it. The free weekly song download cards also started appearing in Starbucks' stores in 2007.

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