StarCraft 1.11 patch has been released

Thanks xStainDx for this. On Wednesday, FileShack has reported that the new StarCraft patch version 1.11 has been made available for users. Here's the list of what's new...

Changes in StarCraft 1.11:

  • Korean text is now preserved when it is sent to or received from

  • Fixed a bug that hindered sound on NT machines.

  • Fixed a bug that enabled you to make a Command Center slide into a location by building a Comstat Station then canceling it due to lack of resources.

  • Fixed a bug related to a Drone flying when surrounded by other units.

  • Fixed a bug that would give you an assertion when you tell a drone to burrow as it is about to morph into a building.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Templars to fly across the map when interrupting an Archon Merge.

  • Fixed a bug involving a drone getting confused when recieving a second build order while in transit to complete the first one.

    To download, simply log into the Battle Net.

    View: Blizzard - StarCraft

    View: Blizzard

    News source: FileShack

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