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Start11 Release Candidate 2 out for Windows 11 with fixes and full screen Start menu option


Exactly a week after releasing Start11 Release Candidate 1, Stardock has today announced the availability of the Release Candidate 2 update for Start11, a program that allows users to customize the Windows Start menu and taskbar. This update enables the ability to hide the recently installed applications list for both Windows 10 and 11 menu styles, an optional full-screen menu for Windows 10 and 11 styles, the ability to hide “recent document list” in the Windows 11 menu style and more.

As with previous editions of StartX products, Start11 allows users to restore the Start menu to appear as it does in previous versions of Windows, as well as customize and enhance its functionality. Release Candidate 2 has also added an option to change individual tile colors for the Windows 10 menu style and enables wider tile groups too.

Start11 is designed for Windows 11 and Windows 10 and comes loaded with features intended to make Windows more productive and personal. Start11 supports moving the Start button to the middle or to the left, adjusting the taskbar size, re-ordering quick access shortcut lists, options for adjusting grid spacing, enhanced classic and modern search experiences and much more.

As a reminder of what you get with Start11, here are a few of its highlights:

  • Returning the Start menu to the appearance of previous versions of Windows
  • Enhancing Windows 10 and Windows 11 menus with new functionality
  • Repositioning the taskbar to the top of the desktop for Windows 11
  • Windows 10 style taskbar context menu for Windows 11
  • Improving the classic and modern search experiences

With Release Candidate 2, the full-screen menu feature makes it easier to use Windows 10 or 11 on a tablet. When paired with the new option to adjust icon sizes for Windows 10 and 11 style menus, Start11 significantly improves the tablet experience.

For users who want to personalize their Start menu, Start11 offers robust customization options ranging from aesthetic to functional. Start11 supports a host of new Start menu ideas such as the concept of pages, minimalism, and features for enterprise customers.

New Features in Release Candidate 2

  • Option to hide "recently installed" applications list for Windows 10/11 menu style
  • Full-screen menu option for Windows 10/11 menu styles - great for tablets!
  • Hide "recent document list" in Windows 11 menu style
  • Enhanced support for wider tile groups in Windows 10 style menu
  • Enabled ability to change the background color of individual Windows 10 menu items
  • Options to adjust icon sizing for Windows 10/11 style menus
  • Animations now support 240hz

Here is the full changelog:

  • Tweaked quick access link popup menus to resolve an issue where they may not close on loss of focus correctly
  • Tweaked quick access link popup menus to not cause a menu close when closing one and opening another via clicking directly
  • Fixed paint issue on Win11 menu quick access links area when switching between monitors
  • Fixed appearance typo in config
  • Fixed crash introduced by some RC1 work with quick access link menus
  • Added support for quick access menus in Win10/11 style. They do not auto-expand on mouseover but require a click to open
  • Holding down shift when clicking on a quick access link that's a menu will open it as a window where possible
  • Added missing W filter option in all apps for Win10/11 style
  • Fixed issue with quick access menus not always closing on loss of focus
  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 apps list loading up icon for application exe vs shortcuts
  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 apps list not loading up multiple shortcuts to apps in some circumstances
  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 pinned items lists loading up app exe icon vs shortcut exe
  • Fixed issue with Win10/11 pinned apps not launching correct shortcut but exe instead
  • Added option to hide recent documents on Win11 menu
  • Added option to change icon size on Win10 and Win11 menus
  • Added option to change tile color on Win10 style menu
  • Pressing escape when in all programs list in Win11 style menu simply goes back to the previous page now rather than closing
  • Fixed drag & drop offset issue in Win7/Modern menu styles
  • Limited Win10/11 menu size based on current screen resolution
  • Fullscreen mode for Win10/11 menus
  • Fixed Win11 menu rearranging issue where items would sometimes rearrange inconsistently especially after a lot of rearranging
  • Dragging on the Win11 menu no longer highlights the page title area
  • Fixed Win7/Modern Quick access links showing as menus will now open correctly when clicked
  • Prevented Win7/Modern quick access link menus popping up under the menu
  • Win7/Modern quick access link menus now dark mode aware
  • Fixed universal apps quick access menu potential crash issue
  • Win7/Modern quick access menus now have rounded corners when rounded menu mode is enabled
  • Fixed pinning from Pin to Start11 from explorer menus pinning items to first index in list for Win11 style menu
  • Fixed pinning issue for Win10 menu replacing last entry in pinned list when pinned from explorer windows or search page
  • Added missing run as admin option on store apps which support it on Windows 10/11 menu (Terminal etc)
  • Internal frame rate for animations moved to 240hz
  • Fixed issue with mouse getting attached to the top of the menu when opening the menu with Start11 search disabled
  • Fixed issue with clock and tray area missing when using custom start button on Windows 11 Dev channel builds
  • Fixed issue with custom start button left visible after disabling custom start button or making button centered on Windows 11 (believed to be Dev channel only again)
  • Fixed issue on Win11 menu where creating a new page when on a lower page number caused the page to be inserted as a group on the next page instead
  • Fixed issue on Win11 menu where deleting pages could cause a blank page to appear
  • Tweaks to button handling on Win11 when not using custom start button
  • Config UI now responds to touch input
  • Rearranging quick access shortcuts list in Win10/11 styles now saves the changes correctly
  • Fixed scrolling on menus using MS precision touchpad
  • Now able to scroll menus using touch and drag items - to drag an item either drag sideways initially or hold down until you get the right-click indicator box and then drag the item if the list has a scrollbar, otherwise drag as usual.
  • Fixed possible crash issue when moving things on the Win10/11 grids
  • Adds support for wider groups in Win10 style
  • Fixed Win11 style to show user name as friendly name vs account name
  • Fixed issue with Win11 style losing shutdown button if you set Win7/Modern style to have a very high number of icons on display or lots of grid columns
  • Fixed quick access shortcuts showing display as menu sometimes incorrectly for Win10/11 style
  • Stopped jumplists showing for MS store and settings as blank
  • Fixed issue with being able to get multiple menu options on config appear in mouseover state
  • Added option to hide recently installed applications section in Win10/11 all apps list
  • Fixed changing icon size on Win7/modern menu requires two opens of the menu to see the change fully
  • Fixed desktop search carried out last so didn't always appear in results as quickly as wanted
  • Fixed search getting stuck in some searches
  • Fixed issue with taskbar at the top of the screen losing the mouse over thumbnails on one monitor if multiple monitors on Windows 11
  • Fixed clicking very left of the leftmost start button can open Win11 menu on Windows 11
  • Fixed explorer hang issue if replacing start button on computer with multiple monitors (3 ideally)
  • Fixed start menu open offset issue on multiple monitor setups with centered start button
  • Fixed Cortana search mode causing Start menu to close when renaming a group/anything else
  • All apps list for Win10/11 modes now also includes url files and help documents etc
  • Removed surplus MS edge link in all apps
  • Double-clicking on the style image opens the settings drop down in the config now

Start11 is currently available for $4.99. There is an upgrade option for users of Start8 and Start10. For more information, visit www.stardock.com.

Object Desktop includes programs such as Fences, Start10, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes, and Multiplicity.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock

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