Start11 Release Candidate 1 restores the ability to move Windows 11 taskbar


As noted last week, Stardock has released a Release Candidate update to Start11, a program that allows users to customize the Windows Start menu and taskbar. As with previous editions of StartX products, Start11 allows users to restore the Start menu to appear as it does in previous versions of Windows, as well as customize and enhance its functionality.

"We put the first beta out quickly in order to regain some of the lost functionality from the Windows 11 Start menu," said Brad Wardell, Stardock CEO. "For this release, we've added several new Start menu layouts to choose from, restored context menu functionality, enabled repositioning of the taskbar, plus one of our users' favorite features: Fences® integration."

As a reminder of what you get with Start11, here's a few of its highlights:

  • Returning the Start menu to the appearance of previous versions of Windows
  • Enhancing Windows 10 and Windows 11 menus with new functionality
  • Repositioning the taskbar to the top of the desktop for Windows 11
  • Windows 10 style taskbar context menu for Windows 11
  • Improving the classic and modern search experiences

Start11 is designed for Windows 11 and Windows 10 and comes loaded with features intended to make Windows more productive and personal. Start11 supports moving the Start button to the middle or to the left, adjusting the taskbar size, re-ordering quick access shortcut lists, options for adjusting grid spacing, enhanced classic and modern search experiences, and much more.


For users who want to personalize their Start menu, Start11 offers robust customization options ranging from aesthetic to functional. The software enables enhanced Windows 10 and Windows 11 style Start menus, a compact Windows 7 design, optional Windows 11 style for classic menus, and many additional settings that let you configure your personalized Start menu.

"The new UI has been designed to support additional Start menu enhancements," said Wardell. "Start8® and Start10® focused on restoring previous versions of the Start menu. Start11 extends this to support a host of new Start menu ideas such as the concept of pages, minimalism, and features for our enterprise customers."

Start11 is currently available for $4.99. There is an upgrade option for users of Start8 and Start10. For more information, visit

Object Desktop includes programs such as Fences, Start10, Groupy, SoundPackager, DeskScapes, and Multiplicity.

Update: The v0.90 Release Candidate should be available by 11AM ET today, October 7. We have also been made aware that the 1.0 version is tentatively scheduled for next week.

Disclaimer: Neowin's relationship to Stardock

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