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StatCounter and Net Applications still disagree on IE vs Chrome

We have reported in the past on the differences in methodology between StatCounter and Net Applications when it comes to finding out which web browser has the most market share among PC users. Indeed, StatCounter has made no bones about how it feels that its method of monitoring page views on websites is more accurate than Net Applications' method of using unique visitors. StatCounter also feels that its use of tracking three million websites is also better than Net Applications, which only uses 40,000 sites.

This week, both StatCounter and Net Applications showed their data for the web browser market share in September 2012. Not surprisingly, both still seem to differ on how much Google's Chrome browser is used compared to Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

Net Applications' data shows that IE 8 is the top dog on the PC web browser circuit, with 24.09 percent, followed by IE 9 with 19.45 percent. Chrome 21, which got updated to Chrome 22 last week, has a 14.32 percent of the web browser market share.

StatCounter's numbers are very different. They show Chrome 21 with a commanding lead at 27.34 percent. IE9 is second on this list with 17.93, followed by IE8 at 13.06 percent.

If there is one thing that both Stat Counter and Net Applications are close to an agreement of, its Mozilla's Firefox and its place in the web browser standings. Firefox 15 is fourth on both lists, with Net Applications giving it a market share of 10.91 percent and StatCounter giving it a little bit more at 13.01 percent.

Sources: StatCounter and Net Applications | Images via StatCounter and Net Applications

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