Steam crosses 15 million concurrent users for the first time ever

Valve's popular gaming platform, Steam, has reached an important milestone in its 14 years of existence by hosting 15 million concurrent users for the first time ever. If that wasn't enough, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds crossed an unprecedented 1.3 million concurrent users- the highest ever on Steam. The title for most simultaneous users for a game on the service was previously held by Dota 2, a whopping 1,295,114 online users played the game at its all-time peak.

Third party site SteamDB broke the news with a tweet:

Steam has played a huge role in taking gaming on desktops forward. In fact, the gaming portal is considered vital when it comes to gamers' view of an OS or an upgrade (see: Windows 8). This might be the reason why gamers, in general, view Windows 10 favorably. The service has, to its credit, launched several programs like Greenlight and Steam Direct to support independent developers.

Steam's previous notable milestones include reaching 6 million concurrent users back in 2012, and crossing 75 million active user accounts in 2014. If you're a user of the service, be sure to check out this weekend's PC deals.

Source: SteamDB

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