Steam Greenlight users can vote for non-gaming software

In August, Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a new community-based effort to get indie PC games to rally support from others in order to convince Valve to publish their PC and Mac games on Steam. So far, Valve has picked a total of 31 games submitted to Steam Greenlight to be published on their Steam download service.

Today, Valve announced that Steam Greenlight has been expanded to allow creators of non-gaming software to submit to the service and have members of the Steam community vote to be included in the Steam download library.

Valve launched its non-gaming software lineup earlier in October. There are only a total of seven software products available for download at the moment, and that number includes Valve's own free Source Filmmaker software. However, the prospect of having the tens of millions of Steam users as an audience for a non-gaming software application will certainly be of interest to many PC and Mac software developers. Valve currently requires a $100 fee to be included in the Steam Greenlight program, although that amount is donated to the Child's Play charity.

The Steam Greenlight site also received a number of updates today, including a way for gaming and non-gaming software makers to submit an early build of their product for people to download and try out. Valve adds, "Concepts can be posted for free, but the voting on these items serves only to give the developer data and feedback and does not lead toward getting the game distributed on Steam."

Source: Steam Greenlight | Image via Valve

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