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Steam Workshop support for Civilization V mods coming

The Civilization series of turn-based strategy games have always had a solid mod community and the latest game in the series, Civilization V, is no exception. This week, publisher 2K Games announced that mod makers and gamers who enjoy downloading and playing Civ V mods will get some new features.

Specifically, 2K Games announced that Civilization V mods will soon support the Steam Workshop, the program begun by Valve for PC games available for sale on Steam. The new system will have a number of improvements over the current one for Civ V mods. That includes being able to view descriptions of mods without having to launch the game itself, following a particular Civ V mod author and his or her current and future creations and more.

This change looks like it will be made in time with the release of the Civilization V expansion pack Gods and Kings, which is expected to launch on June 19.

The Steam Workshop is already available for a number of PC games sold via Steam, including some of Valve's own titles like Team Fortress 2, and third party games such as The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. A few days ago, Valve announced that DOTA 2, their upcoming free-to-play game, would also support Steam Workshop, giving its makers of third party cosmetic in-game items a chance to make some money from their creations.

Source: 2K Games blog

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