SteamVR will no longer be supported on Apple's macOS

Today Valve Corporation announced that it is ending its support for macOS on its virtual reality gaming platform, SteamVR. Valve stated that the move was made so that it could focus on the other platforms that the virtual reality software is available on - Windows and Linux.

The announcing post on Steam was rather short and did not give away much else. It stated:

"SteamVR has ended OSX support so our team can focus on Windows and Linux.

We recommend that OSX users continue to opt into the SteamVR [macos] branches for access to legacy builds.

Users can opt into a branch by right-clicking on SteamVR in Steam, and selecting Properties... -> Betas."

SteamVR made its debut on Linux and was first brought to Apple's OSX - or macOS as it is now known - roughly three years ago. After expanding support to Microsoft's technology, it enabled compatibility with plenty of other headsets eventually.

After dropping macOS support, the VR software is still available on Windows and Linux. A comprehensive list of compatible headsets for SteamVR can be found on its official page on Steam.

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