Sunday's PC game sales include free game

Sunday's PC game sales are usually on the slow side and that's still the case today as well but there are still some savings to be found.

Steam - You can get the great indie puzzle game World of Goo via Steam from now until 1 pm Eastern time for just $4.99.

Impulse - GameStop's PC game download site has a sale of all three games in the classic Earthworm Jim series. You can get the three titles in the series (Earthworm Jim, Earthworm Jim 2 and Earthworm Jim 3D) for today only for just $3.39 each.

DotEmu - The game download site concludes its free daily game offers with a free version of the RTS game Warzone 2100. Yep, you can get this near-future themed game title for today only for the price of nothing at all.

Telltale's Seventh Anniversary Sale - Starting on Monday and running through June 30, Telltale will be holding a massive sale on its site where everything will be marked down 75 percent to celebrate the developer's seventh anniversary. When we say nearly everything we don't just mean the games like the Sam and Max seasons, Tales of Monkey Island and more; we also mean things like t-shirts, music, book, toys and more. The only things not involved in the sale are the current Back to the Future game and pre-orders on the upcoming Puzzle Agent 2.

However, if you do pre-order Puzzle Agent 2 before the game is released on June 30 you will be able to get 10 percent off the regular $9.99 price and get a free copy of the original Puzzle Agent. Telltale is also holding a contest that will give five people a chance to get Puzzle Agent 2 a full two weeks before June 30.

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