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Super Smartphone Showdown Part 3: Software

For some reason we forgot to publish part three of the showdown yesterday, but don't worry because we're back today, ready to show off the software used on all five devices. We look not only at the UI design of the software, but also at some of the cool features that can be found hidden in the software of each device.

Here's a quick rundown of each device used in the showdown, and what software is used on each device:

  • HTC One X: Android 4.0 + Sense UI 4.0
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: Android 4.0 + TouchWiz Nature UX
  • Sony Xperia S: Android 4.0 (after update) + Timescape UI
  • Motorola Droid Razr: Android 2.3* + Blur
  • LG Optimus 4X HD: Android 4.0 + Optimus UI 3.0

*Motorola has not yet pushed the Android 4.0 update to GSM devices, and we simply couldn't wait any longer to have Android 4.0 on all devices for the comparison

Again, we hope you are enjoying the Super Smartphone Showdown and in case you missed the previous episode you can follow the link below to check out part two, where we look at the displays of each device. Check back here on Neowin, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to easily get the next part tomorrow, where we look closely at the performance and specifications of the devices.

You can also watch all the videos in the showdown one after another by following this link, which takes you to a Super Smartphone Showdown playlist.

Showdown Part 2 | Showdown Part 4

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