Surface starts shipping to UK residents with no prior confirmation

All signs point to Microsoft’s new Surface tablet selling really well, from long lines in front of Microsoft Stores, to the three weeks shipping delay displayed on Microsoft’s site. However, with all this excitement there was some confusion surrounding shipping dates in different countries.

In the UK, the confusion was rampant, where customers received several erroneous e-mails stating first that their tablets would ship early, then that they would be delayed. Microsoft has offered a 50 pound coupon as an apology to affected customers but it seems they’re actually doing something even better.

WPCentral confirms that Surface tablets in the UK have started shipping to clients with no prior confirmation e-mail. The photo above is courtesy of one of these lucky customers that has already received his tablet. This is really good news for UK folks and alongside the 50 quid coupon, it should go a long way in Microsoft regaining the trust of its customers.

So if you live in the UK, expect your Surface soon.

Source: WPCentralImage via WPCentral

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