T-Mobile unleashes Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0, introduces "Test Drive" and "Music Freedom"

It isn't a secret, T-Mobile is charging forward with a movement that is changing the mobile industry. John Legere started Uncarrier 5.0 by mocking another event that took place earlier in the day, but quickly got down to business as he praised T-Mobile's customers and employees. 

T-Mobile introduced Uncarrier 5.0, which is a new test drive program that will allow potential customers to trial the service for seven days. Every customer will have the opportunity to  pick-up a iPhone 5S and test out the network and its services for a full seven days. This trial period will come at no cost and will not require a deposit; the customer will have to register a credit card when applying for the test drive.

As a surprise, T-Mobile also unleashed Uncarrier 6.0, which gives customers the ability to stream music from some of the industries most popular streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody, iTunes Radio, and more, without it hitting your data bucket. Essentially, this means that all your streaming data will not count against your data plan. Legere reiterated that even if you have exhausted your data bucket for the month, you will still be able to stream music from the participating services.

Finally, Legere unveiled Rhapsody unRadio. This will be a new service that will be available for T-Mobile customers with the unlimited 4G / LTE plans. The service will be free for unlimited subscribers, but will also be available to standard subscribers at a discounted rate of $4 a month.

Rhapsody unRadio will feature:

  • the ability to replay your favorites
  • listen to tracks you want to
  • unlimited skips
  • no ads
  • over 20 million songs

T-Mobile has again changed the landscape of the mobile wireless industry. With the announcement of Uncarrier 5.0 and 6.0, it's is clear that T-Mobile understands and is addressing pain points in the industry. While it's too early to tell whether other carriers will follow suit, one thing is for certain, Legere is pioneering a movement that will forever change how a wireless carrier conducts its business. 

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