Teaser trailer for Star Citizen's Squadron 42 campaign shows off its visuals

As 2019 is almost ready to close off, the Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has decided to put together a new teaser trailer for Squadron 42, the single-player story campaign portion of the crowd-funded giant. The video is jam-packed with impressive visuals, see it above.

The trailer shows off many locations players will probably be visiting during the campaign, from human-occupied space stations to very alien regions. This is very different from the previous Squadron 42 trailer Cloud Imperium Games released, which focused more on the star-studded cast that will be present in the game like Mark Hamill, Henry Cavill, Gillian Anderson, Andy Serkis, Rhona Mitra, and Gary Oldman, among others.

The Squadron 42 campaign is slated to launch into a beta phase next year during the third quarter. It was originally coming during the second quarter, but was recently delayed by three months.

The crowd-funding of Star Citizen - for both single-player and multiplayer portions - recently broke through the impressive $250 million mark, with 2.5 million backers coming together to raise that amount over the project's lifetime. Meanwhile, the multiplayer side of the game received its Alpha 3.8.0 update a few days ago, which delivered a whole new planet, planetwide weather effects, and other features.

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