TechSpot: Dying Light Benchmarked, Performance Review

Most known for developing the Call of Juarez and Dead Island franchises, Techland is back this week to launch a new open world survival horror title for the PC (including Linux and SteamOS), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Dying Light takes place in an expansive urban environment where players navigate using free running 'parkour' mechanics while scavenging for supplies to craft weapons and defend against the city's growing infected population.

The game has been built with Chrome Engine 6, which is a proprietary 3D game engine developed by Techland that was first used over 10 years ago in Speedway Grand Prix and Chrome (a science fiction first person shooter).

Just as the third version of the game engine spawned Call of Juarez and the fifth version brought Dead Island in 2011, Dying Light is first game to show off Chrome Engine 6 -- Hellraid being this year's only other Chrome 6 title.

Read: Dying Light Benchmarked, Performance Review
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