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"Thanks Nokia": Police officer's Lumia 520 saves him from taking a bullet

The Nokia Lumia 520 is the best selling Windows Phone device ever made, and now it can be credited with taking a bullet fired at a police officer in Brazil. The unusual incident is more proof of how well made Nokia's smartphones have become.

According to Globo, the unnamed police officer in San Paulo was actually off-duty when he was fired upon. He arrived at his parents' house this week to discover it was being invaded by two criminals who had taken his mother and father hostage.

The robbers fired two shots at the policeman. One bullet missed him but the other round entered his back pocket, where his Lumia 520 was located. As can be seen in the image above, the phone is pretty much a total loss but the bullet didn't enter the police officer's body.

Both the cop and his parents are now safe, but the robbers are still at large. We imagine the officer never thought his smartphone would save him from being hit by a bullet, but it just goes to show how much abuse Nokia's products can take. In 2013, a Lumia 920 still managed to stay working even after it got run over by a 24 ton earth mover.

Source: Globo via WPCentral | Image via Globo

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