Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare revealed via Xbox One trailer, with Kevin Spacey

Activision teased gamers earlier this week with images and a documentary-style trailer to promote the reveal of the next game in the popular Call of Duty shooter series. Now the publisher has released the first gameplay trailer from the title, which has the sub-title Advanced Warfare.

The trailer, as posted on YouTube, shows gameplay captured on an Xbox One console, which confirms that Activision is continuing its tight collaboration with Microsoft on the Call of Duty series. The gameplay shows some impressive looking graphics from developer Sledgehammer Games, with soldiers wearing exoskeletons that allow them to jump higher and have more strength than normal humans.

That's one clue that Advanced Warfare is set in the near future, along with sightings of cloaking devices for aircraft and hoverbikes.  The game itself is rumored to center on private military contractors. One thing that is very clear from the clip is the presence of actor Kevin Spacey. Taking a break from his role as ruthless U.S. politician Frank Underwood in the Netflix series House of Cards, Spacey's likeness and voice is used to portray what looks like the leader of this military group.

Game Informer is still scheduled to release the first details of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on its website, along with the digital version of its latest magazine issue, at noon Eastern time on Sunday. The game itself will be released on November 4th.

Source: Call of Duty on YouTube

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