The Secret World early access begins for pre-orders

Funcom's latest MMO effort is getting close to its official launch but people who pre-ordered The Secret World can go ahead and start playing right now. As of earlier today, Funcom's online servers are now live for the "early access" phase of The Secret World launch, before the game is officially released on July 3rd.

If you want to play the game now, you still have time to participate in the early access period by buying the game. You will also get three unique in-game items for your character; a t-shirt, a ring that increases your experience and an in-game pet.

The Secret World definitely doesn't look or sound like your typical fantasy MMO. Indeed, the game itself takes place on Earth in modern times. However, there are tons of monsters and secret societies in this version of Earth that are normally hidden to the general public. You have to pick which one of three societies (the Illuminati, the Dragon or the Templars) you want to join in the game.

This is the third MMO game that Norway-based Funcom has developed. The first was the sci-fi title Anarchy Online back in 2001. The second was Age of Conan, based on the fiction created by author Robert E. Howard, in 2008.

Source: The Secret World web site | Image via Funcom

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