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THQ Nordic shows off South Park: Snow Day and more during its Digital Showcase

south park snow day

THQ Nordic held its Digital Showcase today, and it did not disappoint. We thought we would get a reveal of a new South Park game, and we were correct. Here's a quick look at all the games shown during the event:

South Park: Snow Day

Developed by Question Games, this title is the latest video game adaptation of the long-running adult animated TV series. This time, the kids in South Park, Colorado don't have to go to school because of a big winter storm. The game lets you and three friends battle it out on the snowy streets "on a quest to save the world and enjoy a day without school." It's due in 2024 for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch.

Tempest Rising - Play a free demo now until August 28

Tempest Rising is an upcoming Command and Conquer-inspired RTS game from Slipgate Ironworks, 2B Games, and 3D Realms. You can try out a playable demo now on Steam. It states:

It features the full first single-player mission of the Global Defense Forces (GDF) campaign, as they go up against the lethal Tempest Dynasty, as well as the dangers growing unchecked across a war-torn planet Earth. Players will be introduced to five playable GDF unit types, from the Drone Operator to the Sentinel Scout Car, plus six enemy types.

The demo is available until August 28, but there's no release date yet for the full game, which is due on the PC.

TMNT: The Last Ronin

Based on the dark Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic of the same name, developer Black Forest Games will feature the last remaining Turtle in a battle-ravaged future New York City. There's no release date yet for this game for the PC, Xbox, and Playstation platforms.

Titan Quest II

The long-requested sequel to the Greek mythological-themed action-RPG game is finally coming from developer Grimlore Games. Here's a quick summary:

Nemesis, Goddess of Retribution, is out of control. She is corrupting the Threads of Fate and condemning all those who oppose her to eternal punishment - including you. Take up your weapon, fight alongside gods, and change fate itself in order to stop Nemesis, free those she’s punished, and weave your own epic tale.

The game is coming to PC but does not have a release date.

Other games

  • Last Train Home - This is a PC-exclusive survival and strategy title from Asheborne Games where you "guide Czechoslovak soldiers back home onboard an armored train" It's due in 2023.
  • Trine 5: A Clockwork Conspiracy - This game is due out in just a few weeks on August 31 for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
  • Way of the Hunter - Tikamoon Plains - This is the latest DLC pack in the hunting sim series, and it's out right now
  • Alone in the Dark - We got to see two new trailers for the upcoming survival horror game reboot featuring actors Jodie Comer and David Harbour. It's due out in October for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.
  • Space For Sale - The PC-exclusive title from developer Mirage Game Studio has you trying to develop and sell properties in space to aliens. You can sign up for the closed beta test now.
  • Outcast: A New Beginning - There's a new trailer for this long awaited sequel to the sci-fi action-adventure game for the PC, with no release date yet.
  • Gothic remake - There's also a new trailer for the fantasy RPG remake, coming some time for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.
  • Wrecknation - Finally, there's a new trailer for the arcade racing game where you create your own wild tracks to race on. Its TBD for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms.

THQ Nordic still has 20 unannounced games that are still in development.

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