Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon 2

PC Gamer goes in all guns blazing in the latest Ghost and this time it's war. Filthy war...

We've sent teams of crack operatives into tense close-combat action in Rainbow Six, steered one-man stealth specialist Sam Fisher into the murky conspiracies of Splinter Cell, and taken squad-based combat out into the great beyond in Ghost Recon. What's left for the Tom Clancy line to sink its political teeth into? Put simply: war. This is the kind of filthy war that stretches out as far as the eye can see, with explosions and shrapnel spraying with every click of the mouse.

Ghost Recon 2 aims to continue the more action-orientated shooting action of its predecessor, but now ups the military stakes to compete with the likes of Battlefield 1942, Operation Flashpoint and Neighbours From Hell 2. While the Rainbow team has to play on tenterhooks, knowing that one false move will see a quick splash of hostage-coloured brains across the linoleum, and a horrified Sam Fisher all but commits seppuku if he's spotted by the sliding doors at Asda, the Ghost team consists purely of hardcore soldiers. This may be a fictional military unit (just like the rest of the Tom Clancy's series, Ghost Recon takes place a few years in the future) but its origins are firmly based in real US military programs, such as Land Warrior.

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