Twitastrophe: It's not just you, Twitter is 'currently experiencing problems'

If you've been having problems connecting to Twitter today, it's not just you. The global social networking service has been experiencing some technical issues around the world - although the extent to which users are affected appears to vary between countries.

Down Under in Australia, our reporter Boyd Chan has been able to connect to the service with relatively few issues - but for our staff across Europe, it's a different story. Some have been able to access Twitter intermittently - albeit with a few problems, such as the inability to send a new tweet, or some tweets or images not appearing properly.

In the UK, many have reported being completely unable to access Twitter, getting a 'something is technically wrong' error message, and many users are having similar troubles in North and South America, and parts of Asia.

In many parts of the world, the outage is not only affecting, but also blocking access via the company's official apps, including TweetDeck, as well as third-party offerings such as MetroTwit - but again, some have said that they can access Twitter via these means in certain markets.

Twitter has acknowledged the issue on its service status page, saying it is "aware of the issue and working towards a resolution". The same page also notes that there was a brief service interruption for some users around 18 hours before the current outage began.

Update - 12:30 GMT: After several hours of outages and intermittent service, Twitter is now coming back online for most users, albeit with a few glitches here and there, such as images not appearing properly. Some users have also reported still being unable to access their direct messages.

Update - 13:10 GMT: It looks like we may have spoken too soon - while it appeared initially that things were getting back to normal, it seems the issues are far from over. Even the error message shown near the top of this article isn't appearing consistently on Twitter's homepage, which is sporadically loading a completely blank page for some users.

Update - 15:00 GMT: After a few ups and downs, it looks like Twitter has finally restored full service. You should now be able to share videos of adorable kittens and photos of your food once again.

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