Twitter hiring spam systems engineer

Twitter has posted a job vacancy for a new member of their technical staff to focus on a spam detection system.

In the job posting the new individual will design and implement core, back-end spam components and pro-actively look for ways to make Twitter a safer place amongst other technical responsibilities.

Twitter has been trying to deal with spam for some time now. Recently the company introduced an admin tool to suspend spam accounts. If you have a follower and they are spam their account will show with the message "This account is currently suspended and is being investigated due to strange activity". However, any undesirable (usually pornographic) profile links on the right hand side would still be click able.

Today Twitter has altered the suspended accounts so that you get the usual message informing you the account is suspended but no links can be clicked and the account is fully shut off to the public eye.

If you are a regular Twitter user this will be welcomed news, you may also want to subscribe to our twitter feed too.

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