Twitter unveils 'Lists' feature, API details to follow soon

The social networking site 'Twitter' has been firing out announcements regarding functionality lately; they've got an official 'Retweeting' feature in the oven, to add to an upcoming 'geolocation' feature ready for release soon, and just earlier today the company added a new development to the list (excuse the pun).

The feature is one that's been asked for by the community for a while now, and has even had unofficial methods implemented into third party Twitter clients; we're, of course, talking about 'Lists', currently under development for the site, which will help boost the user experience quite significantly. The feature lets users create 'lists' of other members, aiding in the organization of those they follow (or who follow them), and you can even follow an entire list in one go, adding every member to your following list.

The feature is currently undergoing testing with a select group of Twitter users, so the feature won't be fully usable for a little while yet; though the announcement was only made today, the official company blog (linked to in the last paragraph) stated that the Platform team will detail the API in a few days time. What that means is that developers, when given access to said API, will be able to build list functionality into their Twitter clients, again of benefit to the user. The web service is certainly evolving nicely, with new features being added and downtime being decreased.

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