USB tethering working in iPhone 3.0

The iPhone 3.0 Software Preview on Tuesday was a huge hit amongst iPhone users and Apple commentators alike. Numerous features which have been high on the feature wish list since the initial launch in June 2007 were unveiled, including copy and paste, push notifications and MMS functionality.

Although there was no mention of Internet tethering during the presentation, Scott Forstall (VP of iPhone Software) confirmed that the feature was present in the 3.0 developer beta, adding that Apple were "working with carriers around the world to see when they can add tethering support on their networks."

The beta has now been available to members of the iPhone Development Program for a little over 24 hours now, and already a user has managed to successfully tether their iPhone 3G to their laptop.

Tethering allows you to share your iPhone's cellular connection with your laptop, rendering it as a portable modem. Interestingly, the hidden preference panel (shown above) suggests Bluetooth tethering is also in the pipeline.

Although the option is clearly part of the Apple's plans for the iPhone, it is not clear yet which carriers have the capability of such a feature and whether or not such usage would incur additional charges.

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