Vine profiles now accessible via browser

Vine profiles and news feeds can now be viewed through a browser thanks to an update to the social network's website, allowing users to like, comment and share videos without the use of the Vine app.

The move is reminiscent of Instagram's decision to expand its website in February, which also allowed users to view their news feeds and user profiles. Vine's news feed is remarkably similar to Instagram's, with a nearly identical minimalistic style featuring content centered on the screen, interaction options below content and a navigation bar at the top.

In addition to the online profiles, however, Vine also added a new "TV Mode" feature. As described in a blog post announcing the new feature and website profiles, TV mode allows users to press a button at the top right of a profile or video to "view the collection of videos in sequence and in full screen mode."

As with Instagram's website, content cannot be uploaded through a browser – Vine users will still have to rely on the mobile app (or third-party apps, such as Rudy Huyn's 6sec for Windows Phone) for video uploads.

Source: Vine

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