Want a faster, secure alternative to IIS, try Zeus!

Zeus Technology is releasing Zeus Web Server 4.0, an update of its flagship software which has never been hacked, according to Andrew Parker, principal consultant at Zeus.

"We've never had a security breach," he said. "It was built from the ground up with security in mind."

Zeus is the latest company to appeal to users of Microsoft IIS server software after several nasty computer viruses spread throughout the Internet in August and September. The Code Red and Nimda viruses were infecting thousands of computers running IIS, which is used to power Web pages.

Zeus claims its software is not only more secure than other Web server products, but three times faster and can support 10 to 100 times as many transactions and communication requests.

Corporations can use Zeus to provide enhanced security to their IIS servers now, or move over to Zeus on its own. For example, eBay Corp. has moved its heavily used auction search site from IIS to Zeus, although its main Web page is still powered by IIS, according to Parker.

More than 750,000 Web sites owned by 800 corporate customers and Internet service providers use Zeus, including British Telecom , UUNet and NTT, the company said.

News source: Reuters

View Press Release: Zeus launches the Zeus Web Server Version 4.0

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