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Want multiple character slots in Metal Gear Survive? Cough up $10 for each one

Gamers have universally but informally reached the conclusion that loot boxes are the worst thing to happen in the history of video games. The annoying microtransaction mechanic has made its way to multiple games, even AAA titles such as Star Wars: Battlefront II and Middle Earth: Shadow of War.

However, it appears that we haven't seen everything yet. According to reports, it appears that creating a new character without deleting your existing one in the recently released Metal Gear Survive will set you back $10.

PC Gamer reports that Metal Gear Survive comes with a single free save slot by default that you can utilize to create an avatar which you'll use for your playthrough. However, if at some point, you decide to start anew, you will have to either delete your original avatar or spend 1,000 SV Coins for a new slot. 550 SV Coins can be purchased for $5, while 1,150 SV Coins cost $10 or you can also log in each day to get 30 SV Coins.

This essentially means that the player has to either cough up $10 for a new save slot or play Metal Gear Survive for at least a month if they want to keep their original one, and it only gets worse from here. There's no way to earn SV Coins in-game, so no amount of grinding will aid you in your quest for a new character slot.

All in all, it's quite depressing to see big name developers and publishers resort to such methods to squeeze money out of gamers, even in premium titles. Metal Gear Survive costs $39.99, and currently sports "Very Positive" reviews on Steam - something that's likely to change soon.

Source: PC Gamer

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