Weekend Poll: Would no WP7 to WP8 upgrade path kill Windows Phone?

Hey guys, while it may be Sunday it's not too late to enjoy the rest of your weekend. 

While there still hasn't been any confirmation from Microsoft, recent rumors seem to indicate that there will be no path for people with current Windows Phone devices, running WP7.5 "Mango" or "Tango", who wish to upgrade to the upcoming major Windows Phone 8 "Apollo" release. This decision would obviously be a big blow for current Windows Phone users, especially those who just recently bought the Nokia Lumia 900, but just how big of a blow?

Well that's what we're asking you guys this week. If Microsoft decides to offer no Windows Phone 7 to Windows Phone 8 upgrade path, will this kill the platform? Or will this simply be the next generation of Windows Phone, allowing Microsoft to work from a clean slate and implement features that would only work on more powerful devices?

Place your votes in the poll below and, as always, leave your comments about the matter as well.

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