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Wikileaks loses Amazon home

Just yesterday, the controversial site WikiLeaks that is leaking US Government intelligence, was reported to have been a victim of Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks on Sunday, and that they would then move to Amazon's servers. Not even twenty-four hours later and WikiLeaks either has left or lost its host, Amazon.com.

WikiLeaks' availability to users has been spotty since the DDoS attacks on Sunday, and now for many users in the U.S. and Europe, the entire site may even appear to be down with Amazon servers refusing to acknowledge the data requests, according to the Detroit Free Press. The organization dedicated to making knowledge publically available, just moved to Amazon's EC2 cloud computing platform in response to attacks on their old servers. WikiLeaks however does have more than one hosting solution, so it may not be down for all users.

Neither WikiLeaks nor Amazon would comment on the situation still making it unclear exactly what went on between the companies, although most likely Amazon shut the door on WikiLeaks to prevent getting themselves into any hot water, even though not all of Amazon's servers are hosted in the United States.

With WikiLeaks becoming more popular and influential, the risk for attacks against opposing forces increase as well. Most recently cables were released from several embassies around the world revealing human rights violations discussed in what was thought to be a private forum. While the organization currently is focusing on governments, they will soon be moving to businesses, as reported earlier on Neowin

The growth and potential threat to keeping any documents private causes more controversy and unrest among those at risk for having secrets exposed. With Amazon preventing WikiLeaks from being hosted on their servers, perhaps they are doing a huge favor to keeping the integrity of their business alive.

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