Windows 10 Continuum shown off in new video

The versatility of Continuum for Windows 10 Mobile has been presented in a new video from Microsoft, titled 'Welcome to Continuum for phones'. The introductory video shows how a Windows 10 Mobile can be used like a PC (Windows Store apps only) when connected to a mouse, keyboard and external display.

Continuum works both via wired and wireless connections when paired with either the yet-to-be-released Microsoft Display Dock and currently available Wireless Display Adapter. The connected phone can still operate normally, to make a call or send a text for example, while maintaining the Continuum connection.

Additionally, if you find yourself with only an external display and no mouse, the phone can even function as as a touchpad to move the cursor. The external display will show up in Windows 10 Mobile as a 'Second display' in Settings when connected.

Continuum will work with compatible Windows 10 Mobile devices, as well as the flagship Lumia 950 & 950XL phones due later this month. The Lumia 550 is not supported.

Source: Microsoft via Windows Central

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