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Windows 10 Mobile's bootloader unlocker is now open source

Image credit: HeathCliff74 (XDA)

René Lergner, the developer behind Windows Phone Internals, is the reason behind quite a few impressive hacks and workarounds since the release of Windows Phone. Indeed, it's thanks to his software that we have seen gems like a Lumia running a custom ROM or Windows 10 on ARM on a Lumia 830.

Sadly, he's decided he can no longer commit to the project anymore, and will only be able to make sporadic contributions at best. As a result, Lergner - otherwise known as HeathCliff74 - has made Windows Phone Internals an open source project, and released the full source code for the tool on GitHub. Alongside this, he also promised to soon make available some of the preliminary tools he had used to create Windows Phone Internals.

While the move is certainly a welcome one, and would allow anyone to try their hand at furthering work on circumventing the bootloader on Windows phones, just how many would be willing to take up work on what is essentially a dead OS at this point remains to be seen.

Source: Windows Phone Internals via MSPoweruser

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