Windows 10's new icons show a flat future ahead

It may sound a bit crazy, but during the summer when we were posting our many, many scoops about Windows 10, one of the most consistent questions we kept getting was if there were new icons in the builds. At that time, everything was the same as Windows 8 but now that we have our hands on Windows 10, we can start to see new direction for the OS.

To no surprise, the icons are going flat and have the 'modern' feel to them. While there may be many of the legacy icons still sticking around, we can see these new ones and understand the direction Microsoft is taking. Based on the small sample, blue, green, white and tan are the primary colors for the icons; we fully expect to see this same theme carried forward and the icons that have not been updated yet, will match this theme.

This is certainly not the most exciting thing about Windows 10 as icons do not offer any new functionality but they are a bit of eye candy. For those of you who have been waiting for Microsoft to bring new icons to its platform, your time is coming soon.

If you find any more icons that we missed, let us know in the comments below.

Image via @bav0

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