Windows 11 struggles to reach 20% share according to AdDuplex

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Here is the latest AdDuplex report for April 2022; data gathered from around 5,000 Microsoft Store apps shows that Windows 11 is struggling to get more users. This month, the operating system grew by less than 0.4, and it now holds about 19.7% of the market (19.4% in March 2022).

Windows 10 21H2, on the other hand, keeps increasing its market share. In April 2022, the latest Windows 10 version gained an impressive 6.5 percentage points. It is the most popular Windows version, with about 35% of the market (28.5% in March 2022). Windows 10 21H1 remains relatively the same with 26.5% (-0.1% points).

Windows market charts for April 2022 from Adduplex

Windows 10 20H2 is quickly approaching its end of life, which means users are leaving the OS for newer versions. On May 10, 2022, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 10 20H2, and for that reason, the company is force-updating its users to Windows 10 21H2 (now broadly available). In April 2022, Windows 10 20H2 went from 10.8% to 6.1%.

Here is a breakdown of the Windows market according to AdDuplex:

  1. Windows 10 21H2 - 35% (+6.5)
  2. Windows 10 21H1 - 26.4% (-0.1)
  3. Windows 11 - 19.7% (+0.3)
  4. Other Windows Versions - 18.1% (-6.9)
  5. Windows Insiders - 0.7% (+0.1)
Windows market charts for April 2022 from Adduplex

As usual, it is worth noting that only Microsoft can provide accurate stats about Windows 11 and 10. Unfortunately, the company refuses to provide detailed information about the market segmentation, which means developers and customers need to rely on third-party analytics from companies like AdDuplex, Statcounter, and others.

Source: AdDuplex

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