Windows Security Patch: Flaw in ISAPI Extension

Flaw in ISAPI Extension for Windows Media Services Could Cause Denial of Service

There is a flaw in the way in which nsiislog.dll processes incoming requests. A vulnerability exists because an attacker could send specially formed communications to the server that could cause IIS to stop responding to Internet requests.

Windows Media Services is not installed by default on Windows 2000, and must be downloaded to install on Windows NT 4.0. An attacker attempting to exploit this vulnerability would have to be aware which computers on the network had Windows Media Services installed on it and send a specific request to that server. The denial of service would only affect IIS, and other services on the server would remain unaffected.

Download: Windows NT 4.0 Security Patch: Flaw in ISAPI Extension for Windows Media Services

Download: Flaw in ISAPI extension for Windows Media Services (Win2000)

View: Microsoft Security Bulletin MS03-019

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