WinHEC 2005: Tablet/Mobile Platforms Overview

On Monday April 25th, Bill Gates delivered the keynote presentation at Microsoft WinHEC 2005. In his keynote, Bill covered Microsoft and partner investments in Tablet PC, mobile technologies and innovative form factors. In addition to the keynote, Tablet PC and mobile technologies/hardware has representation in the hardware showcase, the Microsoft product booth, and the business and technical sessions.

Shown in Bill G's keynote Speech:

  • Recent hardware releases from Toshiba (Satellite and Tecra) and HP with Tablet technology integrated in mainstream notebook PCs, and with similar price and feature sets. Acer's next generation Tablet PC – instant use, face-open with effortless switch to laptop mode via direct hinge.

  • Asus auxiliary display for mobile and desktop PCs and peripheral devices, such as cell phones, remote controls, keyboards and watches, offers immediate access to data, including calendar, recent e-mail, digital media. It also offers updates on the status of the PC while the machine is turned off or the lid of a mobile PC is closed.

  • Ultra-mobile post-LH – pushing mobility and convenience one step further (LH+). Conceptual ultra-mobile PC that makes your PC more personal, offers multiple modes of natural interaction, all day battery life and always connected
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